Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Goals for the Year 2007:

Training goals

Continue attending the gym consistantly:

6 days per week, Sunday rest day

Follow planned workouts: 8 weeks to each plan

Lifting goals

Bench my own Body weight (smith machine) 3-5 reps,
Over hand chins un assisted 3-5 reps,
Give 100% effort: There is no point in just going through the motion, I know what I want to look like, and every effort I put in is 1 step closer. Focus, technique, progress!

Diet Goals

5-6 small meals: a day all containing high qual protein, and small amount of good carbs during meals 1,2,3. Every 2-3 hours.

Drink Water: Minimum of 3 lts, which broken down is only 4 x 750ml bottles (easy). Not including shakes and coffee. Reduce number of sugar free sodas!

Plan and record: Plan all meals and have options available so as not to break with plan. record intake, so I can see what is working and what I need to 'tweek'

Work Goals

Organize and simplify: Sort through and file all old work, keep work space clutter free and manageable.

Plan and document: Plan all actions, and work with deadlines.

Develop Yearly Calendar of Work deadlines, Broken into Monthly and Weekly.

Relax: Keep a clear head, be calm, be positive! by achieving 1 & 2

Education Goals

Take courses both through work and personal
1-2 personal training or nutrition classes, Website, Excel, Event management.

Home/Personal Life/Relationship

Organize and simplify: throw out old clothes - wash and give to charity if good condition, sort pictures and junk, sort out all gym gear and work out clothes.

Be more considerate of others: Understand others feelings, be compassionate, and understanding by listening.

Be thankful every day of my relationship with J, of everything he does and what he brings to our relationship. I will not let baggage from past relationships interfere or compear past relationships.

Find interesting ways to spend time together: Use the time we have together to do activities and go places of interest to us both and don’t cost too much money.

Dollars and cents....

Pay off $2,000 visa debt (by June) add $1,000 onto visa so in credit! (By end of year)
save $5,000 by Dec 2007

Have account in the black at the end of each month This to be achieved by July!

Set up Direct Debit for Australia Trip in August for flights and Accommodation.

Short term Goal

lose .75 kgs per week end goal of 12 weeks (60kg)

Major Goal

Compete in BB competition May

I've been out of touch with Blogging for a while, work is busy and all that. I have been keeping a training journal on a NZ Body Building site, so I will copy over that information soon. I am however popping into the bloggs I love - but not posting comments.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well that's Christmas for another year!

But I'm not sad - I had a great Christmas - J and I's first one together.

This is a picture taken at my work Christmas Party on the 15th of Dec 2006! You can't really tell but my dress has cherries all on it.. but the cherries are actually red skulls - it's such a cool dress!

We found a gym open on Christmas day and worked out at 8am then back home for breakfast - Protien shake and Oats... yummy!

Got showered and ready to go to my Mum and Dads for Christams Lunch ... Turkey, ham, Roast veg, beans, peas, carrots and dessert!

I was well behaved and stuck with the Turkey and sweet potato roasted and beans - I did have a small fruit salad, and trifle, (so as not the upset my mothers - she went to a lot of effort) but I left most of it anyhow. Although my 1 big indulgence was the dark choc covered cherries Mum had made! I love cherries!

J got me a beautiful gold anklet - just what I wanted and a new sony MP3 player - also what I wanted, but totally unessesary. He is just so good to me! I got so much from my parents I won't even go into it!

Then we went home at 5.30pm and had a sleep then went to a party my friend always has at 9.30pm - and you wouldn't believe it... the X was there with his new girl friend - of sorts, don't want to be nasty but I think he could do a bit better! I had seen him about 1 month ago and he had told me he wasn't going to go and would not be in town over Christmas - so that sucked when I arrived and he was there! I couldn't even be bothered talking to him!

Well I'm at work today - but I don't want to be so have told my boss I'm not comming back till the 8th - I just want to spend time with J. We are going away - work thing so i will have to pick up the company car at some stage next week, but that's it!

Well I really hope that everyone who reads this had a great Christmas and have a happy New Year - thanks for reading still even though I fell off the face of Blog land for some time!

All the best for 2007! It's going to rock!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seasons Greetings ...

Opps I lied - I have not blogged in so long. But things are still going well for me. J and I are doing really well, I'm still at teh gym everyday (rest on Sundays) getting stronger and my training partner and I are training hard. I have lost more body fat so am happy with slow but steady progress. This month has been full of Christmas Functions but I have stuck to plan pretty much. I am looking forward to a few days off and hopefully so summer weather here in NZ.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Nelson - Work - break - fun

I went to Nelson (on the Sth Island of NZ) last week to run a conference for 3 x 1/2 days it was really nice.

This is a pic of J at a Chruch land mark in centre of Nelson.

My manager even paid (out of his own money) for J to fly down to be with me. Soooooo cool. It was a lifesaver having him there, he brought me in 'clean' meals of chicken salads, and shakes when I didn't get a chance to get my own. He joined us up at a local gym for the week and we worked out every morning - NO EXCUSES!

I ate pretty well, with most meals in the evening at Resturants. We had breakfast at the Hotel every day - had them make us oatmeal and poached eggs (I only ate the whites) the picture is of me (looking like a guilty piggy) and my plates of food that I really only picked at to get my meal - oats, left over egg yolks, dried fruit, fresh melon, cold meat ... and coffee coffeee coffeeeeee!

When we returned I had only put on .5 kg and on the Saturday (exactly a week from when we left) I was back at 69.8kg I was really happy to get my workouts in and not gain weight.

Wow I love this guy!

Any how - before I go into a meeting I tried to post some pics of a boat cruise we took - such a beautiful area on such a beautiful day! But Blogger won't do it at the moment! Must work!

Oh and work outs? Going good getting them done, but need a motivational kick in the pants some mornings - It'll come right!

I'll not wait as long to post again this time x

Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm still alive

Yeah I've been slack with my blog - life is going well, I'm super busy at work and life but loving it, I'm training super hard and hope to have progress report soon. Here is pic of me at work today. Summer is comming Yeah cool, and I've made friends with a girl who goes to the gym in the mornings like I do - she is 5 weeks from the Nationals and training hard but after all that we may train together so happy to have a girl friend at the gym. And she is a nutritionist by trade - so I can pick her brains!
Don't get me wrong - J is still the bestest training partner ever but he has his own. Yeah cool. Diet was very easy going last week but now I'm back better and more focused than ever!

J and I are doing so so so well.

Must dash, but I'm still checking in on everyones blogs

Well re-focus my blogging in about 2 weeks when work load not so full on.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


14.3% I find it hard to believe - I feel like I look alot fatter than that! But that's what the measurements came out as!

Body weight is exactly the same at 70kg as when I started.
Giving me an overall:
  • loss of 1.26kg Fat
  • Gain of 1.26kg Lean Mass

- Yeah I was happy with that and the measurement loss of pretty consistant with 1-2mm per site.

Jason did just as well as I did too! And he gained 2kgs!

Diet was great thru the week, Saturday was good, Sunday average and Monday I had a high carb day (small treat for myself) + dried fruit, naughty naughty, but I have to remind myslef that I'm not competition dieting now, and can afford myself higher calorie / carb days - no-one can diet for a year! Which all said and done set me up for a good hard leg session this morning. And I am back eating clean / high protein / Low fat & Carb.

Good news for me is that J's training partner is out of town for the week, which means he and i train together - good for me, not so good for J as I can't really spot him as well as his partner.

J and I are going to the Competiton we will enter this time next year on Saturday - gotta check it out, see what the competition is like, how they run it, the quality and just generally see what we are up against and get inspired!

On Sunday (our rest day) we are going to try something really different which should be totally good for us: BIKRAM Yoga!

BikramYoga class is a series of 26 traditional Hatha Yoga postures including 2 breathing exercises. Bikram specifically designed this unique 90-minute series to comprehensively stimulate every system of the body. All classes are performed in a heated room, warming the muscles and connective tissues, preventing injury and allowing for a deeper workout. The heat also cleanses the body by flushing toxins thereby promoting optimum health.

So it's going to be hot and sweaty baby! Yeah - should help in many ways - and here's hoping it'll relax us too. Can't wait.